Stocking Fillers That Are The Genuine Dog?s

Looking for last minute Xmas gifts? Maybe it?s a case of novelty stuff to use as stocking fillers?Don?t limit yourself to the usual hum drum rubbish that bruises the Satsuma or the crisp red apple in the toe! Get imaginative and creative with your stocking fillers and give gifts that will generate a wow factor long beyond the turkey-filled tedium of Boxing Day!

Christmas gifts for pet lovers are notoriously difficult.Do you buy for the moggie or pooch or do you get a pet-related goodie for the doting owner?People who treat their animals as almost human and describe themselves as the dog or cat?s ?mummy? or ?daddy? clearly lack understanding of the human reproductive system. The ideal gift would be something that panders to the almost parental obsession some people have that their dog or cat is ?really clever? and “only hides in the bedroom furniture for meditation purposes”, with fantastic stocking fillers tailored to that anthropomorphic delusion.But how to prove that without the evidence of your dog actually completing the crossword or finding unfinished Sudoku’s in his basket?Where?s the video of the mutt driving (a Rover presumably)!No, you need to scientifically establish if your mutt is top dog in the brain department so you can justify your claims for his intelligence!

Gifts for him who is convinced he can talk to the animals and wants to answer that burning question come no better than ?How Smart is your Dog?? It?s a self-scoring intelligence test developed by a genuine psychology professor at the University of British Columbia. Carefully designed tests will determine the Canine Intelligence Quotient (CIQ) of your pet. Five of the tests cover problem solving, while the other seven deal with learning ability and memory. With a test book, score and result guide, and a stopwatch for timing the results, the Doggy IQ Test has everything you need to prove that your dog?s not stupid. The only disadvantage is the worrying possibility that the dog might end up with a higher IQ score than you!