Stop Barking Dog Tips

So I’m sure we all have had the problem where we have been laying in bed and just cannot get any sleep because of a barking dog. We all can relate to this, whether the dog was ours or was a neighbor’s dog. If it’s your neighbor’s dog, than you will understand that this could cause some friction, and if it’s your dog, well Stop Barking Dog options needs to be considered.

This is a small article to help you begin your training of your dog. However to fix a problem you must understand the problem. We know the problem is a barking dog, but what is causing the barking dog. These causes can be found at Barking Dog: tips, and if you go through them all you should be able to know what is causing them, with tips on how to resolve them.

Now we know what is causing the problem of the barking dog, we can begin stop barking dog training. Firstly, never yell at your dog! This is a problem that increases the problem of the barking dog. So we must stop it, and this is why. When your dog is out barking at someone or something, and you come out and begin to yell towards your dog, your dog may not realize you are yelling at them. They could see it in 3 different ways.

1. They may believe you are doing what they are doing, yelling (or barking) at the treat – someone getting too close to their home and thus barking or defending them away.
2. You are playing a game with them. They bark you yell. A loud noise game, which can cause a long amount of barking. Ever seen a dog owner yelling a their dog and the dog continues to bark? Well they could be thinking their owner is playing a game with them.
3. That you are in fact yelling at them and they are in trouble.

You should take the alternative approach, grab a small treat call them over and praise them for stopping the barking and for coming to you. If you continue to praise their good behavior they will stop the behavior that they don’t get praised for. A very effective strategy for obedience training your barking dog.

Punishing your dog for bad behavior can only confuse them as they do not know what is going on and why they are in trouble. However praising a dog for good behavior, they will relate what they have done to be praised, and they love the attention. They are not referred to as man’s best friend for nothing, they will do anything for their owners attention, and enjoy it more than anything in the world!

Now from this praising technique, you now have a basis to continue this over and over and over again. People sometimes ask why would you want them to stop barking when you call them? I respond why not? And I give you this question to yourself to answer.

“Would you prefer your dog to never bark at all, or would you prefer them to bark at strangers who maybe coming to close to your yard (or could be robbers) but on the instant that you call them they stop and come to you?”

My response is always I would prefer them to defend the house with their barking, as this also alarms me to the fact that someone is out there and stop on my command, than a dog that is too scared to bark because of the techniques some people use these days.

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