Stop Your Dog From Digging Up Your Back Yard


Dogs have a habit of digging holes in the ground. but there is a way to stop dog from digging, They tend to ignore your warning when they are busy at it. This habit is a menace for most dog owners and requires some proper training to keep this in check.

There are many reasons as to why dogs dig holes. Some of them are listed below ?

Boredom: Some dogs dig in order to keep themselves engaged and avoid boredom. Digging is a kind of mental as well as a physical exercise. dog digging

Solution: Provide more exercising opportunities to the dog. After the outing, the tired dog would be able to sleep properly.

Heat: During summers, one can see the dog digging shallow holes in the backyard. One wonders the reason for this activity. This is because it is looking for a cool spot beneath the soil to beat the summer heat. If the dog digs under a porch, then we can understand that it is trying to create a sort of a den.

Solution: Try to provide a shade to the dog during summers. Provide it with cool clean water throughout the summers. Grow some grass on the ground to beat the heat. Make the dog?s living area more ventilated. Plant some trees if you can to make the atmosphere breezier.

Nature: There are some breeds of dogs like huskies, hounds and malamutes that are burrowers by nature and hence digging comes to them naturally.

Solution: Allot a place to the dog for this digging activity and conceal it with fence or grass.

Likeness: Some dogs like digging for no reason at all.

Solution: Try to create a separate digging place filled with hidden treasures so the dogs get rewarded for digging and keeps to that place for all its digging activities. The treasures could be anything from toys to assortments of treats.

How to manage the holes?

The problem with digging is that holes keep re-surfacing in your backyard and you are in a fix as to how to manage them. Should the holes be filled or not?

Techniques: Basically, there are two techniques for covering holes.

The first technique is to mix dog excreta with dirt, moth balls and pine cones and fill the hole with it until it is almost full. When the dog will dig that spot the next time, it would understand that it is not worth it.

The second technique is a bit cumbersome. Take a small length of 8-10 inches of chicken wire. Dig a deep hole next to the original hole and fit in the wire piece. Fill the hole, press the wire and cover the area with dirt. Crowd the surrounding area well. When the dog resumes its digging, the wire will hamper this activity and the dog will have to stop.

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