Choosing A Collie

The collie dog is a great choice of a pet dog. They are good at hunting game and vermin, which is, in part, the direct result of another benefit of this breed – they have excellent olfactory receptors. Also, a collie dog can be trained to perform the duties of other breeds, such as the water spaniel or retriever.

It’s clear that a collie is a good choice in general. When choosing a specific pet collie, though, there are a few specific requirements one must consider.

First of all, the skull of the dog should be flat and moderately wide between the ears. There should also be a gradual diminish towards the eyes and a small depression where it stops. The dog’s cheeks should not be too full and the skull width is related to the summed length of the skull and muzzle.

The muzzle should be of fair length, tapering to the nose, and must not show weakness or be snippy or lippy. Regardless of the dog’s color, its nose must be black. Another nose color signals health issues.

Be sure to also pay attention to the collie’s teeth – they should generally be even without any but slight unevenness.

Eyes are what gives dogs their expression – in collies they should be almond-shaped, medium sized and brown. In merles, one or both eyes can alsobe blue or white. Collies will usually appear alert and intelligent.

Collie dogs are great listeners – a proper collie’s ears are smallish and not too wide at the base. They are placed on the top of the dog’s skull (some pet owners expect the ears to be at the side of the collie’s head – this is an incorrect assumption and should be avoided). When a collie is in repose, it throws its ears back; alert collies, however, bring their ears forward. If these signs are missing, be sure to investigate the health of the dog.

A healthy collie dog’s neck and body must be muscular. The neck must be a bit arched, the body – broad. Its legs must be straight and muscular. Pay special attention to the fore-legs, to make sure that they are not curved at the elbows. The hind-legs should have very strong, muscular thighs. The feet should be oval, with padded soles. Toes should not be too far apart of each other. Consider anything else a problem.

To summarize, when looking for a collie, its skull should be examined to make sure it is flat and moderately wide. the dog’s muzzle should be black and never any other color. Teeth should be even (only slight unevenness should be permitted) and eyes should be brown, unless it’s a merle. Merles can also have blue or white eyes. Pay attention to the dog’s alert and repose stances – does it move its ears as expected? Finally, ensure that the fore-legs are not curved at the elbows and that the hind-legs have muscular thighs.

If some of these characteristics are off, it may be because of health problems. Be sure to keep your pets dry, then they’ll also stay warm and healthy. A good idea is to equip a pet dog with a waterproof coat – they can make a world of difference, when it comes to dogs. Certain brand coats, such as Guardian Gear dog coats, come in all sizes and certain models have a reflective stripe on the back, so that finding the right size is easy and ensures that you can always spot your collie.

If you have decided to get yourself a collie – congratulations on the excellent choice, and I hope you and your dog have many enjoyable moments together.

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