A Look At Five Causes Of Coughing In Dogs

Dogs can experience coughing episodes for a number of reasons. Your dog can cough if he drinks water too fast, or he can cough due to lung or heart conditions. Dogs with parasites or allergies can also experience it. This article will take a look at some of the common causes of canine coughing.


Roundworms are internal parasites. These parasites invade the intestine. Contaminated soil can cause an infestation if your dog ingests it. Coughing is caused when the worms crawl up the windpipe after hatching. A light infestation of roundworms is easily treatable.


One of the next common causes of dog coughing is distemper. Dogs are usually vaccinated from this disease. This disease can be fatal to puppies and dogs without a healthy immune system. Symptoms of this disease include a dry cough, yellow discharge from eyes and nose, and a relatively high fever.


One of the more serious causes of coughing is an infestation of heartworms. Dogs often die from an infestation. By the time coughing develops, the condition is likely well-advanced. In order to treat this condition, your dog will receive a series of injections given a few weeks apart. Arsenic is given in the first injection. This will kill the worms. Microfilariae circulating in the blood won’t be affected. The next injection targets them though.


Tonsillitis, a condition that commonly affects humans, can also occur in canines. Dogs will try to cough their tonsils up violents. Some will even paw at their mouths. The infection can be cleared through the use of antibiotics.

Kennel Cough

As it’s name suggests, the main symptom of this disease is frequent coughing. This condition normally resolves by itself in a couple of weeks. However, pneumonia is a common complication in puppies and smaller breeds. Pneumonia may be fatal to these dogs.

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