Common Health Problems Of Pug Dogs That Every Pet Parent Should Know About

Are you aware of the various health problems to watch for with your own pug? While pugs are, for the most part, healthy companions, there are a few pug health problems you need to know about.

Just like any dog breed, there are certain problems that this breed is prone to. It is best to be proactive when it comes to dealing with the potential health problems of your pets, so inquire about the history of the pug you want to purchase because there may be some genetic health problems.

When it comes to pug dog health, there are some minor and major problems. You may find that one of the most common types of disease for the pug breed would be Encephalitis. This is an inflammatory disease that takes over the brain.

You?ve probably head of hip dysplasia happening in larger breeds of dogs, but it can happen to the small pug as well. The disease is very painful for your pet and can cause them to have stress.

Another pug health problem that you need to be aware of is “tracheal collapse”, which is not an injury but a complete disease all on it’s own. The disease starts with making the windpipe narrow which could suffocate them. One of the main symptoms of this potentially deadly disease is coughing during either cold weather or hot weather. When your pug coughs and it sounds either like a goose honking or if it sounds like it is gagging, promptly seek medical attention for your pet. Fortunately, if this condition is caught early enough by your veterinarian, this very dangerous condition can be remedied.

When it comes to good pug health you want to take no chances! Pug health problems should be diagnosed by your vet, who can then tell you what problems you are dealing with and what to do.