The Benefits Of An Electric Fence For Dogs

There is a truck-stop in back of my house and it stays pretty busy all hours of the day and night. While they have the yard fenced off with a six foot chain link fence, there’s a break in the fence and it’s not on my land so I can’t go and fix it. And that is where my dog likes to go when I’m not looking.

Tracker is a Black Lab mix. I call him that not because he’s good at hunting anything down but because no matter how much I try to stop it, he manages to track mud and dirt into the house. I gave up carpets a couple of years ago an am seriously thinking of putting up some sheet metal on the walls. But that’s my dog and I love him anyways.

After I caught him in the truck-stop’s yard a couple of times, I was worried about him being hit by an eighteen wheeler or picked up by a stranger. Tracker is a friendly dog and really just wants to play, but I’m afraid a trucker might not see it that way.

So I got on my computer and researched some ways to keep Tracker in the yard. I found this site called gryffonproducts and they have several kinds of electric fences for dogs. I went ahead and researched them and it took me a little while to put all this together and then I thought I’d save someone else the trouble and pay it forward.

If you’re looking for something real quick and easy, gryffonproducts offers Instant Fence. For less than $50.00, you get a wireless fence kit good for a diameter 180 ft. Remember, that’s diameter, not radius. All of these kits, by the way, come with a receiver collar.

Now there are eight other fences on the plate that are simply different versions of a theme, namely a wire that you bury a few inches in the ground, marked with pin flags, and a transmitter that sends a radio frequency through the wire to be picked up by a receiver on the dogs collar. The receiver emits a tone and/or vibrates to warn the dog that they are near the no entry zone and not to proceed any further. If the dog gets close enough to the wire, the receiver gives a shock (of five various settings) to correct the dog.

All of the electric fences for dogs come with a standard set up of about 500 feet of wire, enough to do about a quarter of an acre. There is a Wire and Flag Accessory Kit ($48.39), with an additional 500 ft of wire and about 50 extra flags, that allows you to increase the area of containment for your dog. Most types allow you to increase in area up to 10 acres (via the necessary number of accessory kits), but a few will allow up to 25 acres.

I checked out the reviews on all of them and they all received a rating of four stars or better on a five star rating system. The main and most obvious drawback being that burying the wire is the hardest and most unpleasant part of the installation. I saw where a lot of customers attached it to existing fences (wooden, wrought iron, chain link, etc.) without difficulty and some even tied into their neighbors in-ground fence.

The other drawback was the durability of the collar provided. For bigger dogs or dogs with thick fur, some jury-rigging was necessary. But it seemed that these were easy and quick fixes.

Every review that I’ve read stated that they would recommend the electric fence for dogs to a friend or family member. They all say that teaching their dogs was easy and that while most dogs learned right away, some took a couple days to finally get the message.

All in all, gryffonproducts offers several electric fences for dogs and it just depends on what it is that you actually need or prefer. They start at $130.00 and range all the way up to $309.00 for your basic kit that will fence off 500 linear feet. Accessory kits are $48.39 for each additional 500 linear feet of wire.

All have a warning setting on the receiver that gives an audible tone and/or vibrates only. The correction levels are varied. Most offer just five separate settings and one offers seven different levels. All have run thru prevention.

Overall, the biggest bang for your buck would be the Innotec UltraSmart Contain ‘N’ Train In-ground Pet Fencing and Remote Training System. This kit features all the previously mentioned items in the Standard Kits. It is one of those that expands up to 25 acres if that’s what you need (additional Kits required). But it provides a few other tid-bits such as a remote trainer with a range of 150 yards, batteries that are rechargeable and a battery charger. Also included is a lightning protector.

In my personal opinion, the remote is a big sell all by itself for this kit. Tracker has dug up a few flowers that my wife planted and while he survived her wrath, he didn’t come out unscathed. With the remote, I didn’t have to fence off the flower gardens, which was a life saver for me because there are four of them. All I did was while training Tracker where the boundaries for the fence were, I worked with him on keeping out of the flowerbeds. So that was a win-win for me. I saved the money I would have spent buying the accessory kits to fence off the gardens and I taught Tracker to stay out of the flowerbeds.

At $308.71, it still comes in cheaper than the manufacturer. In fact, electric fences for dogs are consistently sold at gryffonproducts at a cost 14% lower than the manufacturer. And let’s face it, money that stays in your pocket is money earned.

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