The English Toy Terrier Is Not A Toy

This lovable pint-sized pooch which resembles a Doberman Pinscher, is known as the English Toy Terrier or Manchester Terrier. As the name states, its origins lie in Manchester, Great-Britain. Here it was bred from a variety of different breeds to hunt for rats; the Black and Tan Terrier, the Whippet and the Italian Greyhound.

Although they make wonderful family pets, I wouldn?t recommend this tiny breed to a family with toddlers. They could easily hurt this little fellow by accident. Children who are old enough to realize a dog is not a toy, despite the name, will have a friend for life with this dog.

The breed grows up to be about 10 to 12 inches in height and will weigh 6 to 12 pounds. Breeders who claim their puppies will definitely not weigh more than 6 pounds should be avoided like the plague. The smaller the dog, the more health issues it will have during its life. Health issues which will cause you a huge financial and emotional burden. Choose your puppy from a reputable breeder who cares about the general well-being and character traits of the breed, rather than its size. One who keeps the puppies inside the house and works and the very important socialization and early training.

So what is it like to own a English Toy Terrier? Despite the fact that it is a terrier, it?s fairly easy to train. That includes housetraining. Most owners do not have any problems potty training this breed. True to their terrier nature, they can be a bit stubborn at times. But all in all, they are very eager to please their owner. Be firm but fair. And be consequent; if your little pooch is not allowed on the couch, it should never be allowed on the couch. Not even when you?re down with the flu and need some canine cuddling. Being this strict and consequent with your dog will ensure you have a happy healthy pet, without any of the behavior problems you see so often in small dog breeds. These tiny terriers are very loyal, but they tend to be a one-person dog. So socialize your puppy well with as many people as possible.

The Toy Manchester Terrier Dog Breed can stay home alone when necessary. I do recommend you give him enough exercise. They can be quite energetic, so wear them out before you have to leave (take it for a walk) or give it something to keep busy while you?re away (kong toy).

As for grooming, it requires very little maintenance because of the short coat. However, if you cannot stand dog hair flying around, you will need to brush regularly. Do make sure you keep them out of the sun. And when it?s cold outside, I would recommend you get your pooch a coat. Those coats aren?t just fashionable you know.

Not sure whether the Toy Manchester Terrier is right for you? Don?t make the same mistake so many others make in getting the wrong breed. The shelters are filled to the brim with lovely dogs that ended up with the wrong owner. Find the dog that fits your lifestyle by checking out my list of small dog breeds page, which includes info on the English Toy Terrier. Head over there right now to meet your future canine friend.

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