The Key To A Dogs Training (Positive Reinforcement)

So you either have a new puppy that is misbehaving, or a dog that just acts up and never listens. Positive Reinforcement is vital to a dogs training. When I was a child, I began training one of my dogs, but the problem I was coming across was people were telling me to use force on the dog. I was given a choke chain and always felt bad for my dog when he tried to run to go pee on a tree while I was walking him. Did these methods work out for my dog? Not really.
Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that most dog trainers feel that the best way to train your dog is through something called Positive Reinforcement Training. It does sound like a fancy word, but it’s actually a really easy theory, using positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior. When the dog does something bad, it is ignored.

Positive Reinforcement works with almost every dog. The natural instinct of a dog is to please their master. Positive reinforcement recognizes this lesson, which makes these lessons much more meaningful to the dog. Because of this, it seems to stick more in the dogs mind. The dog is able to figure things out for themselves with positive reinforcement, instead of using repetition. Your dog will eventually figure out what their doing good and doing bad.

So when you’re training a dog, be sure to always carry treats with you. The second that the dog does what you want them to do, you immediately reward them with a treat and some love. Continue using this process. When the dog does something wrong or bad, simply ignore the dog. So remember, when they do something good, they get rewarded right away, if they do something bad, they’re ignored.

Another technique that works well for positive reinforcement is Clicker Training. What exactly is Clicker Training? It’s a popular method that has been around for some time now and has been used to teach marine mammals new tricks for performances.

Clicker Training consists of a little remote that makes a clicking noise. Once the dog does a trick the right way, you immediately click the remote and give them food. The dog will eventually figure out what the clicking sound happens whenever they do something good and is then immediately rewarded. It’s used as an event marker, which lets the dog know that they did something right. Once your dogs training has excelled, there will be no need for the clicker.

One way to show your dog how to have them come to you every single time you call them is to never call your pets name unless you can really enforce that command. In other words, if you call your dog and they don?t get a food reward immediately when they come, they won?t have any reason to come to you. Remember that every good act that the dog does will deserve a reward right away. Not 5 minutes from now, not 30 seconds from now, right away!

Also be sure not to call your dog over to do something unpleasant. If you need to groom your puppy, don?t call them over to do it. Instead, go to the dog and get them.

So what do we do when we have 2 people involved in training the dog? Have one person point to the person who is calling them. Have the person whistle, call the dog, or clap.

Once the dog comes to the person, be sure to grab them by the collar and give them a treat. This will stop them from grabbing your treat and immediately running away. Once the receive the treat, try pointing them to the next person they need to go to and keep repeating this act. This will not only help the dog learn to come when they are called, but it will also teach the to respond to the pointing to where they need to go.

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