The Meaning Of ‘Obedience’

There is some confusion in the definition of “obedience”. The thing is that on the basis of one and the same set of commands (sit, lie down, stand, etc.), under the general title “obedience”, different trainers conduct, in principle, training of various courses (IPO, Sports Training, OKD, exhibition Training, etc.).
Under obedience, unfortunately, the majority of trainers and dog owners understand the knowledge of a dog as a simple set of commands. In this case, the owner simply does not understand, but the trainer does not explain that as a result of such training dogs will perform a command or when it is not interfere (there is no distracting stimuli), or when it is interested in the performance of the team (a delicacy or a game). In critical situations, such a dog will be unmanaged. (Chasing a cat, a dog will not return to the command of owner).
About true obedience we can say when:
? dog can be forced to do something so that dog do not want to with one command.
? dog can be forced to refuse to do anything that the dog wishes to make very much with one command.
Such obedience is not just a reflex ? it is a persistent habit of most dogs. Therefore, the education technology of such obedience should be different from that used in the training club, in training OKD.
What is the fundamental difference between the technology development of true obedience and dog training in terms of training club?
The fact is that in the site owner of the dog is its maximum stimulus. And all the skills of dog are formed when the owner is fully owned by the dog’s attention. Further, the consolidation of these skills is conducted under the same condition: the owner is the maximum stimulus. But in real life, when the owner wants the dog?s obedience like elaborated in a training club, everything looks a little different. Anything can become the maximum stimulus in the street at any moment, but not a dog?s owner. And then to make the dog, who has run after the cat, return to the owner after the command “to me?, that was so well studied in the area, it is necessary that the owner in any way become an irritant in the eyes of the dog, which would have been stronger than fleeing cats. And this is hardly achievable in the time the chase of the dog, trained in training club, has already begun. There is, however another way: give the command before the cat will be a maximum stimulus. But the owner needs to see the cat before his dog does.
Many dog lovers believe that the general course of training, passed in a dog training club will solve the problems associated with the behaviour of their pets. But this dog training course is connected with the formation of conditioned reflexes in dogs to certain commands in a training club, and only. Transfer of skills from the platform into the living territory of dog becomes a matter of the owner (sometimes it is impossible). In addition, this course does not solve the problem of subordination of the dog to its owner. Therefore, no question about this obedience can be, if the conversation is about a simple general course of training.

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