The Reasons For Feeding Also Raw Dog Food To Your Dogs

When a vet is saying that nutrition is causing most diseases in dogs, then you start to think that perhaps raw dog food has a place in your dog’s diet, after all. In a study done on animals in Stockholm, Sweden, some young animals were fed industrial foods, and they appeared at first to remain healthy. But, as the animals grew and matured, their age showed more quickly, and they developed disease symptoms of body degeneration. Another group of animals raised on dog food aged not so fast and they hadn’t degenerative disease.

If you look at animals in the wild, they do not get degenerative diseases like domestic animals do. They get in danger from other wild animals, but otherwise, they seem to live long lives. Most of the diseases of the modern civilisation for both humans and pets come from changes in lifestyle and nutrition, which consists mostly of industrial pet food produced by the industry, which adds a lot of chemical substances and lowers some of the natural healthy ingridients.

Humans are globally in pretty bad shape, as a whole, and we seem to be sentencing our pets to the same types of diseases that humans plague. A researcher some years ago divided cats into two test groups, feeding one group raw meat and the other processed pet foods. Through three generations, the cats fed raw meat thrived while the cats fed canned food developed the same types of pet diseases that people suffer from. We are speaking about dogs here, and the evidence shows that raw dog food can very likely be better adapted for dogs than canned foods.

Dogs are like humans, in that they need the amino acids, nutrients and enzymes in raw doog food, to stay healthy. Skin and coat diseases can be from lack of raw animal fat in your dog’s daily diet. Your dog needs at least 20% raw fat in his diet, and his system wasn’t made to break down cooked meats or cokked fat. Dogs are not susceptible to bacteria or parasites in uncooked meat, which is a main concern of pet owners. They don’t get salmonella because they have more digest acid in their digestive tract than humans do. Raw dog food is also not contaminated by antibiotics and other chemicals which are used by the pet food industry to put more flavor and durability into their pet foods.

Select choice raw meats and raw vegetables for your loved one, and watch him grow with great health. You should buy dog food and let you dog eat what’s directly from nature for him to eat ? dog food – not what pet owners think he should eat. He’ll be around for a lot of years, and they will be healthy years.

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