The Truth About Cataracts In Dogs

Cataracts are a common eye condition suffered by canines. Dogs with this condition will form a cloudy lens in one of their eyes. This will lead to reduced vision. The vision loss can become significant as the condition progresses. You may be wondering what causes cataracts in canines.


There are many different reasons why cataracts can affect canines. Genes play a major role as most dogs who develop this condition did so because they inherited it. Some puppies are even born with them.

There are also many other causes of cataracts. They include infections, trauma, and conditions like diabetes mellitus. In most situations, cataracts form in both eyes. However, if the condition is caused by an infection or trauma, there may be only one eye affected.


Most dogs with cataracts have to undergo surgery to correct the problem. The lens in the eye will be removed during surgery. An artificial lens will then be inserted into the eye.

Surgery is only a viable option if the condition is still in an early stage. Surgery isn’t really an option if the condition has already progressed.


Dog cataracts should always be treated as early as possible. Your dog’s eye will become inflamed severely if the condition is left untreated. As long as the cataracts are there, this inflammation will continue. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are needed to treat inflammation.

In addition to the medicated eye drops, you will need to take your dog to have an eye exam on a regular basis. Serious consequences such as glaucoma or a detached retina may occur down the line.

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