The Truth About Coronavirus In Dogs

Dogs with the coronavirus are infected with a highly contagious virus. It can be transmitted to your dog if he comes into contact with infected feces. Most dogs are naturally immune. However, puppies less than a year old can develop symptoms upon infection. Some dogs die from this condition. However, most will successfully recover.


It’s common for dogs to display hardly noticeable symptoms. Mild cases usually cause loss of appetite, depression, and vomiting. However, the fatal form of the disease will cause more severe signs. It’s common for dogs to have diarrhea, with mucus and or blood in the stool.


Parvovirus, a much more serious virus, causes some of the same symptoms as the coronavirus. In order to distinguish between the two, the veterinarian will have to analyze a stool sample. If your dog is infected with both viruses simultaneously, he will likely die from the condition.


There’s is no specific treatment for this condition. Hopefully, your dog’s immune system will kick in and destroy the virus. Management of the disease depends on your dog’s overall health, condition, and severity of the disease.

Dehydration can become a problem since dogs can experience diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. Most dogs will receive intravenous fluids to prevent this. Medication can also be given to your dog to help limit diarrhea and vomiting. Secondary infections will need to be prevented with the use of antibiotics.

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