The Truth About Dog Constipation

If your dog is suffering from constipation, it can be very uncomfortable and painful. Fortunately, this condition isn’t serious in most cases. Dogs of any age and breed can experience constipation, although older dogs have a higher risk of developing this condition. You may be wondering what causes canine constipation.


There are various things that can cause your dog to develop constipation. One of the most common is giving him food intended for humans. Dogs that eat dairy, sugar, rice, and bread may get constipated. Foods high in protein can also be a problem.

Dehydration, a condition that occurs when your dog doesn’t get enough water, can also cause dog constipation. Canines that ingest foreign objects can also develop it. Eating buttons and coins is fairly common.


Straining while having a bowel movement is the most prominent sign of constipation in dogs. Your dog may yelp or display some other form of pain. Your dog may also start spending more time while out going to the bathroom. Very little stool is usually passed. Dogs with this condition may also experience loss of appetite and bloating.


Fortunately, constipation in dogs is pretty simple to deal with. You simply have to increase the amount of fiber that your dog consumes. You can give him special dog food made to contain more fiber. Fiber supplements are also effective.


In most cases, you can prevent your dog from becoming constipated. Although he always needs fresh water, it’s especially important during the summer months. Constipation can also be prevented by maintaining a diet with plenty of fiber. Daily exercise will also help prevent constipation.

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