The Ups And Downs Of Home Made Dog Food

Recently, we had a huge pet food recall that scared many dog owners in to thinking they may have unwittingly played a role in accidentally poisoning their furry friend. This recall gave pause to millions and made them take stock in what it is that they are actually feeding their beloved pets at meal time. Upon taking a closer look at the ingredients labels on their commercial dog food brands, many thousands of people decided the safest way to go in feeding their pet was to make home made dog food. While this can have great benefits for your four-legged friend, it can also have serious side effects if you are not diligent in what you are putting in your pet’s food dish for lunch or dinner.

For instance, many people will begin their pet on home made dog food without first consulting their vet and may accidentally use foods that are actually detrimental to their pet such as raisins, grapes, onions, raw eggs or raw fish, nutmeg, milk or nuts thinking they are creating a healthy alternative to commercial pet foods. In most cases, by following directions from your vet on proper nutrition for your pooch, you can create a healthy food alternative for your pet. This is one of the biggest pros for making homemade dog food there is, knowing for sure what is going in to your pet’s food dish can give you great peace of mind.

Conversely, the down side to making home made pet food is how time consuming it can actually be considering that the ingredients for one batch of dog food will usually only last 3 days in the refrigerator so you will need to make additional dog food every couple of days. This can also become rather expensive depending on the ingredients you use. However, if you were used to purchasing a premium commercial dog food, then the cost may weigh out equally at the end of the month when you are reconciling your budget.

As you can see there are certainly benefits to making home made dog food for your fur-kid, so you will need to weigh each one carefully in order to decide if this is actually the right thing for you and your family.

If you are like most pet owners, you want to make sure that what your precious dog eats is the best food available today. The only sure way to ensure high quality nutrition without any added ingredients that could be severely detrimental to your pets health is by making your own home made dog food. Of course, you only want to change your pet’s food after consulting with his (or her) vet since any changes in diet should be monitored in case a reaction to the food develops. This is especially important if your dog has had food allergies in the past or has sensitive skin. Your vet will also be able to provide you with the guidelines that are necessary for making your home made dog food to ensure you are including enough protein, carbohydrates and the right amount of vitamins and minerals without going overboard on the fats.

It is also important to remember that if you are going to make your own home made dog food at home, that this is not permission to feed your four-legged friend table scraps or other human people that is not part of a healthy diet for dogs. Keeping this in mind, your home made dog food needs to contain a protein source — this is especially crucial in maintaining your dog’ overall health and well being. Lack of protein can cause fatigue, poor muscle development and all around poor health so you will need to choose your protein source wisely.

The best benefit about making healthy home made dog foodh is that the protein source can be guaranteed to be real meat and not simply a meat by-product as so many commercial dog food brands are want to do. By using a meat by-product, the commercial dog food companies are skimping on protein and, worse, there is no listed source for the meat so it could come from anywhere. This is enough to send most people in search of simple and easy recipes to make home made dog food right in their own kitchen.

By making home made dog food, you are taking a proactive step in ensuring your dog’s well-being and your peace of mind in the safety of your pooch’s food.