Things You Need To Consider About Forming The Habits Of Dogs

That quality, which will be discussed now, because of its importance, is emphasis in a separate section. This is the ability to form habits and follow them until the end of life. Habits of dogs, like humans, are harmful and beneficial (in terms of rights, of course).

In order make dog educated, you should form the habit of since it?s the very beginning, which are convenient and safe for the owner and others, to make (sometimes by force) follow these habits in all situations, thus perpetuating the stereotype of a dog’s dynamic behavior through which the dog’s behavior is predictable.

In most cases, dogs form habits by their own, often against the will of its owners, but with the indispensable involvement. Such habits can be both dangerous to others, and completely harmless.

Let us consider, for example, the formation of such a common habit, when the dog, having let anyone enter the apartment does not give a man to go out from it. The fact that any dog that does not have a developed distrust of outsiders and does not have a reflex of its territory can let anyone enter into the apartment. The dog simply does not afraid of the incoming person, so defensive reaction does not occur. The owner opens the door, the dog, excited by the arrival of the guest, is happily waving its tail. After a while, having calmed down, the dog goes to its place, often located in close proximity to the front door, or if it is just too hot, it falls under the door, where it is cooler, as it blows from under the door. Guest is going to go then. And he gets up, dresses, and freezes in indecision – the dog lies as the partition off his exit. Having noticed caution and hesitation in human behavior, the dog alerts also now. And since dogs are usually afraid of what they do not understand, a manifestation of a defensive reaction in the active form may occur. If the situation described is repeated, the dog remembers the very situation so as its behavior in this situation and the behavior of guests. And because the dog likes to be strong, likes when some is afraid of it, it would always try to repeat a situation in which it may be able not only to be in the spotlight, but to show its unclaimed service quality. The result of this situation fixing might look like the described above one. The dog, having seen the guest is going to go home is consciously going towards the door and waits for the guest, as a sort of ambush.

But, even if the education of the dog was not being conducted for a long time, and the dog has already grown and managed to acquire a set of habits that do not quite suits the owner, there is no need to despair. Habits of dogs are is in many ways, the habits of the owner. After all, the dog depends on the person in everything beginning from food, and ending by communication. So the dog can not get rid of the habits that impede a dog?s owner in living with its own, until the owner does not change its habits in relation to the dog. Then the dog adjusts to the host and, accordingly, changes its behavior.

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