Things You Should Know About The Upbringing Of Popular Species

Nowadays, more and more popular fancy species become, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, Toys, Chinese Crested and others. This is understandable: with their small size they have not a cat’s devotion to his master the dog?s one and advanced intelligence also that allows you to feel full-fledged master of the dog, with all its positive effects. Plus is a minimum occupied space in the flat, low cost of food and the ability to easily take the dog with you to any trip.
For many people, such a dog is first grown from a very early age, so it is inevitably that many questions arise and just so inevitably many make a lot of mistakes in the upbringing. I would like to give some tips to make life easier for some owners of newly made and help them grow mentally and physically healthy animal. It is possible that sophisticated kennel many councils seem too be obvious, but believe me, I want to address exactly those themes that when dealing with the owners of fancy have seen most.
There are two key points that need to be clearly recognized taking such a dog. On the one hand, the apparent frivolity, this is a full-fledged dog, who can make a lot of problems to the owner if not properly educated, no less problems than a spoiled bullmastiff. On the other hand ? fancy dogs are no worse manageable than working breed, and sometimes working with them gives even greater pleasure.
From this we can see that in any case should not neglect teaching: your puppy can quickly learn at least a few basic commands. Yes, the requirements for such a dog will be much softer than for large breeds, and a set of commands will also be different. But, as the working dog, fancy needs self-actualization, the ability to feel needed and in demand, but only literate Training may give this feeling.

There is another point that is important for full development of the dog and this is the proper socialization. I’ve repeatedly seen as the masters nervously grabbed the hands of their pets, seeing the approaching dog. In very advanced cases the dog is held on the hands most of the walk, if not all life in general. I understand that a meeting with the big dog can be frustrating, and the master is driven by good intentions that are to protect the pet. But we must also realize far-reaching consequences of such behavior, and consequences are not always pleasant. When the dog is limitted in communicating with kins when it does not have the opportunity to play, and thus learn to solve its problems independently, it grows quite unadapted to life in a world in which it is destined to live with the nature. Cowardice, abnormal fears, uncontrolled barking and the failure of teams is only part of the difficulties that may later find the owner. I’m not talking about how a dog will feel itself in this incomprehensible and hostile world. Believe me, not all big dogs are eager to gobble up your York – most just want to play.

Walk with a puppy as much as possible, find friends in the kennel, let your puppy interact with different dogs – big and small, try to catch the dog as little as possible, take in your arms and comfort in the case of “risk”. After all, opinion regarding the danger from dogs may not coincide with yours. This is the only way you can grow a full-fledged, self-confident dog.

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