Things You Want To Know About German Shepherds

One of the most popular breeds of dog is the German Shepherd, a large dog that is usually given major responsibilities in police and military work. Many would like to bring home one but they still have so many questions in their minds that need to be answered first. Following are some of the questions and the answers, which can help one, decide before he adopts a new friend.

Question: What are the most common health problems of German Shepherds?

Answer: Large dogs often get hip and elbow dysplasia – a very painful problem of the joints. Shepherds also suffer from bloating and skin problems. This breed of dog is not really very much prone to a lot of health-related problems but there are some diseases that are specific to the breed, which put the dog at risk.

Question: Are they dangerous to have as pets?

Answer: Many people get the wrong idea that these are dangerous dogs. German Shepherds are very obedient, smart, mild-tempered dogs – the traits that qualify them for police or military work, and as guides. Any dog can become dangerous if they have been trained to attack.

Question: Are there any German Shepherd dog celebrities?

Answer: Yes in fact there are a few of them. Rin Tin Tin, Bullet the Wonder Dog, Charlie (of the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven), Jerry Lee (of the K-9 and K-911 movies), President Kennedy’s Clipper, and President Roosevelt’s Major.

Question: What are the disqualifying faults for a German Shepherd?

Answer: Depending on the country, there are different standards that govern shows for faults that disqualify a dog. For German Shepherds, the most common faults could include floppy ears. This is most unfortunate though, because these ears are not genetic in nature and are mostly caused by cartilage injury. Another disqualifier is a vertical standing tail, which allows exposure of the dog’s behind. Add to this list a muzzle that is not black, and white fur. If joining a show, double check with the organizers first so you can know for certain what the faults are.

Question: Are kids and other animals safe around it?

Answer: German Shepherds are very mild-mannered and displays hardly any temper. Different dogs have different personalities but the Shepherds are usually very loving and friendly so they are a great addition to the family.

Soon you will decide on which breed of dog to bring home. The German Shepherd is a great companion to have so that makes it a very good choice for you. These dogs are very intelligent, friendly, loyal, and loving – which makes them perfect at home with a family. There may be other larger dogs but the German Shepherds are good ones to have as pets.

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