Tips To Potty Training Puppies (Less Than 7 Days)

There are tons of useful tips and articles about potty training puppies, but the hardest part about reading all of these articles is to find some tips that actually work for your problem. Sure! There are many informative articles, but which one will you choose?

There are various ways when it comes to potty training puppies, but which one is right? According to professionals, the best way to train your puppy is start as the very first thing you do when you bring the puppy home. Once the puppy gets home, take them to the place you want them to always pee. With all the excitement of a new house and family, the puppy will have to go anyways.

Once you take them to the spot you want them to pee, let them sniff around. Don’t interrupt them with playing and attention, let them sniff around and they will go. While they’re going, say a command like, “Go Potty,” or something similar. They’ll contribute that saying to anytime they need to go potty.

Have you ever heard of crate training? If not, you may be wondering, what the heck is crate training? Experts strongly believe that using crate training methods is the easiest way to house train your dog.

Pretty much, the method that is used is to get a small indoor crate that you can put your puppy at night. Before doing so, be sure that the dog has gone potty before turning in. It?s a dog?s natural instinct not to pee where they sleep. So make sure the dog is comfortable and make sure your dog has food, water, and a comfy place to sleep.

Before purchasing a crate, be sure to buy the right kind. You need a crate that?s big enough to fit your dogs needs, but not too big. If the crate is too big, there?s a good chance that your dog will be able to find a corner to pee in.

Crate training works for most dogs. If your dog was picked up from a pet store in the mall, there?s a possibility that crate training won?t work for your dog, due to the restricted area that the dog had to live and pee in.

Instead of having to buy a new crate when your dog gets bigger, you can use a barrier in the crate to reduce the size. Once the dog begins to get bigger, the barrier can then be removed.

If your dog does go in the crate, there?s no need to punish them. Remember that puppies have smaller bladders than regular size dogs. Make sure that your puppy goes to the bathroom before putting them into the crate. Worst case scenario; be sure to reduce the amount of water they drink at night time.

We hope these tips will help you in potty training your puppies.

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