Top Beagle Dog Training Advice

Beagles are wondrous, wonderful, fun, energetic, social creatures that are filled with curiosity. At the same time, these beautiful pets can also become quite destructive without proper beagle dog training advice.

Before training Beagles, you must understand that they are scent hunters and are easily distracted. Naturally, they are intelligent creatures but when natural instinct kicks in, such as catching a scent, it makes them difficult to train because they are predisposed to track that scent.

So, to counter this innate behavior, you must train them in a fenced area where there are few distractions. This can be quite a challenge because Beagles have excellent noses.

Your first beagle dog training tip should be to understand why they do some of the things that they do. Some beagle behavior is out of boredom, some out of transitional changes as they grow out of puppy stages into adulthood, and some can be a symptom of impending or ongoing illnesses. Knowing which is which can help you to avoid potentially dangerous problems before they become life threatening.

Once you have a basic understanding of the why of beagle behavior, you can start working on the things that he will need to change. Make sure that you have a list of the poor behavior, and start with the worst offender first. Try to teach new behaviors one at a time, because too many changes will make the beagle confused and potentially worst behaved than before. If a beagle is doing something that is possibly dangerous that problem should be addressed first, otherwise, it is at your own discretion.

Remember that training a beagle is a matter of patience triumphing over frustration. Shouting at a beagle does not work at all, and in fact will bring up a whole new set of issues. Timid beagles will become even more fearful, and aggressive beagles may take your shouting as an actual threat, so remember that a startled beagle will not always react with James Bond coolness – sometimes they can bite.

Do not bother with reprimanding your beagle, as it is often an ineffective maneuver as well. Beagles will learn that getting caught doing the targeted behavior brings about some horrible reactions, so they will simply learn to hide better. This is seen frequently with toileting issues. Finding beagle messes after the fact is a pain, but it will not do you any good to rub its nose into its messiness. Unless he is a brand new beagle or you have moved homes recently, he knows full well where he should do his business. Find out why and the behavior should be stopped. Eliminate all causes, including sickness, and then work from there.

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