Training A Puppy Not To Bite Puts The Puppy Mother In Total Command

Puppies like to fool around and for them biting is a accepted part of this sport. When they play with each other there is oodles of biting involved as they learn which puppy is the prevailing dog. Dog owners are also accountable for their animals and a puppy that thinks it is ok to bite people becomes a dog that is keen to bite. Training a puppy not to bite is feasible and it is in your best wellbeing to do so.

As dog parents sometimes we require too much. The person who makes this blunder is mostly well meaning and a sincere dog lover. The issue steps in when they notice all the tricks their neighbors puppy can do, they look at the well educated pets of their favorite sitcom characters and they go to the playground and see all of the pet owners there enjoying the companionship of dogs that are docile and well trained. It is at this moment that they tend to not recall all the time, patience and money that has went into these animals and achieving the successes they have grown to be.

When training a puppy not to bite it is essential to start early. As puppies teethe, just like offspring, they use biting for refreshing the gums. The earlier you can start a puppy’s training the better. If the puppy bites when you are playing with them, interrupt playing and put the puppy in a barred enclosure or outside for a couple minutes – somewhere that is barred from the play. This will educate them that play stops when they bite. They need to play and hence they have to understand biting is not right when playing with people.

One solution is to get a cloth, towel or a large enough chew toy that the puppy can bite and still be allowed to play. Biting is a natural part of the growing process, but you can train them when it is proper and when it is not.

Another approach is called “bite inhibition” – it is a multi-step procedure. Because biting is natural for a puppy, training a puppy not to bite needs to entail instructing them when it is tolerable to bite. This allows them times when they can bite and make stronger their mouth muscles. Don’t ever tolerate a puppy to painfully bite you. If they do, make a piercing noise – this will astonish the puppy and get them to bring to an end whatever they are doing without delay. Then, walk away; this tells the dog what they did was amiss.

Once they have learned no throbbing biting, the exact method is used for when the puppy just mouths you, not essentially biting but putting their jaws on your arm or hand. The ending step is more of the same, but reacting when they even go to use their mouth in the direction of you throughout play.

Do not beat your dog during any of this process as it only scares your pet. Remember, a scared dog is more likely to bite in abnormal circumstances.

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