Training A Puppy To Stop Biting – You Can Keep This Innate Craving Under Control

Training a puppy to stop biting will not only keep you from pain now, but it can save you from a lawsuit in the future. Puppies that are not trained that it is improper to bite people will grow up into dogs that use biting as a security mechanism. Although biting is part of a puppy’s instinctive instincts you will need to educate them proper biting behavior. In a pack, dogs use biting play to help establish control, but any bite that is too hard is straight away stopped with a razor-sharp bark and an end of play. Using this same procedure you can direct your puppy to better behavior.

One more important characteristic of dog training is that you have to school your pet, so no one will get harmed when you are out with him and people are all about him. By making use of the puppy training instructions acceptably, you do not have to be fretful that he will bite off someone or he will scurry off. Even if you have trained your pooch to be compliant and pay heed you, you should respect him as well since after all, you chose him, he could not opt for you, and if you will not take care of him suitably, he will in all possibility run away, or he will be down. The major dog training instructions that a dog should act in response to are: fetch, stay close, here, sit and come and most of all stop biting!

When you are training a puppy to stop biting, stability is the key. Every time your puppy bites all fun should stop. This will be even more evident if he is directly placed outside, or in his enclosure – away from the play area. Strengthen this with a sharp noise or the command ‘stop’. In this way your puppy will fast learn that biting leads to loss of play and seclusion. You must be consistent in your actions. No matter what system you choose to dissuade biting, it must be the same and it must transpire every time biting behavior occurs.

When you are training a puppy to stop biting you should to recollect that it is a natural behavior – you do not need them to stop biting all together, but rather to never bite people. Using a petite towel or a cotton rope for play can permit your puppy to bite but in a manner that is tolerable. When they bite the cord, rather than you, reward them with applause and stroking. Maintain sporadic praise for worthy behavior with restriction and firm vocal rebukes for poor behavior and they will quickly understand that it is ok to bite the rope or towel, but it is on no account ok to bite a human.

Training a puppy to stop biting is a significant part of his training. Dog bites are a regular reason for law suits, and many ‘mild mannered’ dogs have mauled babies, children and even adults because they were never taught not to bite humans. This is not an subject you can afford to ignore. Although puppy bites are rarely strong enough to hurt, puppies develop into dogs. It is essential to train them while they are young to on no account bite a human being.

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