Training A Puppy To Walk On Lead Should Be Taught With A Composed But Resolved Tone

Training a puppy to walk on lead will require tolerance, but it is one of the most vital foundations for useful training. Puppies are biologically rambunctious and full of vigor – walking peacefully at your side will not be natural to them at first. Your puppy will need guidance and positive reinforcement from you to learn proper lead behavior. The key is to start gradually, with just a couple minutes at a time to get your puppy used to the lead.

After he has acknowledged the collar you can begin lead training by attaching a light weight lead to his collar and allowing him to saunter around dragging the lead. Be sure to manage this so that he does not get hung up on anything. Once he is exceptionally relaxed with the lead and collar you can start picking up the end and walking about the house with it.

If your puppy struggles do not wrench or pull the lead but rather give out the ‘come’ command right away and reward him when he obeys. The process of training a puppy to walk on lead will be made up of many such instances until he learns not to tug. Once he stops pulling against the lead you can embark outside.

When you are first training a puppy to walk on lead you should keep the outside trips short and sweet. If he walks well for a block, reward him and take him home. Each day you can venture farther, all the time giving treats for fine behavior on the leash. If you come across a cat or other reason that causes the puppy to jump away from you remember the ‘come’ command and reward him for responding. As he gets used to this you can reward him for not jumping when he sees the kitty cat. All puppies respond well to ‘happy-voice’ praise and will work to get it. Two basic things to keep in mind are:

– Make sure that the puppy is in high spirits and has an sufficient amount of liveliness to try out training.

– Be resourceful, by no means let the puppy get fed up and instruct the dog where the limits are set.

This piece of writing was composed of just a couple basic ideas. There are several other training guidelines that we do not have time to talk about here but feel free to go to online and offline pet stores and find out more about the ever growing line of puppy obedience books and how they can assist you in your training ventures.

And keep in mind, training a puppy to walk on lead is best completed incrementally starting inside and only progressing outside after he responds completely to the lead in the home. In no way jerk on the lead or get into a tugging game with your puppy – the first will panic him, and the second can speedily become a diversion. Your puppy naturally wants to satisfy you and by way of positive reinforcement and consistent use of tips he will soon learn to walk on lead proudly and coolly at your side.

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