Training A Puppy To Wear A Collar Can Seem Akin To An Contraption Of Suffering To Your Puppy

Training a puppy to wear a collar is one of the first steps you will want to take in your puppy’s education. It is the collar and lead that give you control of the puppy outside and help assure he doesn’t scurry away or get wounded. You cannot, though, simply bowl a collar on him, connect the leash and head instantly out the entry. Your puppy will take some time to become used to the collar, and it is better to let him do this before you proceed to the leash. Appropriate sizing is crucially important in collars and is the basis of proper collar training.

To keep a puppy from feeling that his collar is an device of suffering you need to be sure to get the proper size and heaviness of collar for your puppy. Think of your puppy’s collar the same way you think of your kid’s boots – be expecting to get more than one as the puppy matures.

To start with, go for a collar that is neither to weightless or too heavy for your pet. It must be the right length to keep from sliding off over the ears, but not so tight to make your puppy feel he is choking. Training a puppy to wear a collar starts with getting the appropriate collar. If you are undecided, ask your vet or the regional pet supplies store. What’s more, don’t be scared to shop online they can even aid you get the right size collar for your undersized or big pooch.

The first step in training a puppy to wear a collar is to simply put the collar on and permit them get used to it. Some puppies will take the collar with little or no fret – others may touch at it and bellyache, befuddled about this innovative sensation at their neck. While you want to watch them to be sure they do not get hung up or knotted in any way, it is best to just turn your back on the whining and let them come to terms with the collar on their own.

Once your puppy is relaxed with his collar you can start attaching the leash and let him march around with it. Be sure to take charge of him the whole time, if he gets hung up he might develop a leash or collar irrational fear that it will be problematical to conquer. Your puppy should learn to disregard his collar – not to think of it as an instrument of torture. At some stage in leash training, a lot of folks prefer to attach the leash to the Golden then yank him in the direction they want him to go. This isn’t the best way to teach, as it time and again sends the improper signal to the puppy. In its place, you should first get your Golden dog used to the collar and the leash. You can do this by putting his collar and leash on in the home or outside in a fenced in area, so that he can stroll around and run about without restraint with the leash on, dragging it beside him.

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