Training A Yorkie Tips – How To Train Your Yorkshire Terrier FAST

Yorkie?s, by their nature are an awesome dog breed. They are full of energy, are smart, and quickly learn right from wrong. I am going to share with you three tips to help you training a yorkie.

Because your dog is full of energy, you need to be careful with how you interact with your dog. If your dog is a puppy, this can be especially difficult and frustrating. Please read this information carefully.

Tip #1: Positive rewards. Your dog simply wants to make you happy. Care must be taken to encourage positive actions. If you are an encourager to them, they will reward you with great behavior. Simple actions such as petting, and brushing their backs can do the trick. Dog treats also come in handy.

Tip#2: Stay focused. It is easy to have a lapse in your training. Yorkie?s thrive on constant companionship. During those moments together, stay focused on your task at hand, which is to help your dog be the best that it can be. We oftentimes become very consumed in our own on-goings, that we forget dogs need constant reinforcement of the positive actions we want them to take.

Tip#3: Terrier?s make great guard dogs. Encourage that aspect, but ensure they are not abusing their rights by helping them to make correct decisions as to when they should bark. Dog barking training is an absolute must.

Also, a couple more tips on: how to train a yorkshire terrier
Training a Yorkshire terrier, as with all dogs, takes persistence and a willingness from the owner to lead your dog in the right direction, and not get led by the dog.

This article is going to review 3 quick tips to make sure you are maintaining control of your dog training.

Tip#1: Maintain your position that you are the Alpha dog. This is fairly easy to do, being that your Yorkie is only a few pounds. They already have a sense of being inferior, but sometimes, their attitude is much larger than their physical being.

Tip#2: Do not overly praise the dog. I know this sounds contradictory to the praise your dog and love them theory, and to an extent, that is true. However, Yorkie?s have a tendency to wrap their owners around their little paws and manipulate them to ?take it easy? on them, so to speak. Please, reward your dog, but know when to stop.

Tip#3: Make sure your family is all following the same dog training guidelines. If you do not have any, you better learn some. Otherwise, what typically happens is the dog is so confused over what is right or wrong, or how it should learn a patterned behavior that it doesn?t know exactly what you want it to do.

In summary, knowing your dog takes time. Proper training doesn?t normally happen overnight, but you can definitely do some things to quickly come up to speed. My first recommendation would be to not reinvent the wheel. Try to learn from somebody who has trained dogs before and get you up to speed quickly.

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