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Are You A Dog Lover Who Feels Guilty About Leaving Your Dog Behind?

If You Answered "Yes." Or Your Dog Said "Woof."
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"How to Travel With Your Dog"

"I Don't Get Left Behind Anymore!"

BaronThanks for this great book.  My parents used to leave me in the kennel and I was so lonely for them, and those other dogs there barked all the time.  They read your book and now I get to go with them.  Woof!

                Baron,  (parents :  Anton & Diana Genko)
                Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Dog Lover,

Do you avoid vacations because you hate the thought of leaving your dog behind.  Think about it.  You are planning that trip to Miami, Fl.  (very dog-friendly city by the way)  You are so excited at the thought of walking along South Beach and seeing all the famous and beautiful people. 

Then you look over at your dog.  For some reason he looks so sad.  You realize that "He knows I am leaving." 

Then you think, "What am I going to do with my dog while I'm enjoying the sun."

travel with your dogKennel?  You think to yourself, "Yeah the last time I left my dog in a   kennel, not only would he not come near me for a week, but he picked up some really disgusting habits, and got fleas."  Yuck!

Pet Sitter.  Yeah that's it.  Karen is the best pet sitter in the world and my dog loves her.  You'll call her.  Secrets out.  Everyone knows that Karen is the best pet sitter in the world.  She is double-booked that week. 

Dejected, you decide to just stay at home with your dog.  But wait - you don't have to stay at home.  You can bring your dog with you.  Yes you really can.  If you follow these simple tips and tricks, you can have the best vacation in the world - with your dog. 

In "How To Travel With Your Dog" you will learn:
  • What to pack for your dog.  These few things will make your life a millions times easier.

  • 3 things to consider before you hit the road.

  • 5 Rules of the road.  Follow these rules, and you'll have an awesome trip.

  • How to avoid disasters in the hotel.  These little things can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Your dog exceeds the weight limit or is one of those "bad breeds."  No Problem.  This trick is easy and works 99.99% of the time.

  • Discover luxury hotels that absolutely love four-legged guests.

  • 7 Tips for the action/adventure vacation.

  • How to fly with your dog.  These simple tips will not only save your dog's life; but will give you a sense of ease while in flight.

  • Canine Camps.  Did you know that there are camps that are set up just for you and your dog?

  • Travel Agents that cater to dog lovers.

  • The most dog friendly cities in the United States.  (The list may surprise you.)

  • Training commands your dog must know before you even think of hitting the road.

"I am learning all the right things early"

BuckshotMargaret - thanks for giving this book to my dad.  He now takes me  everywhere.  And because I am just growing up, I am learning all the right things early so that I can travel with him forever.  Thanks

                   Buckshot,  (parent :  Matt Neil)
                   Atlanta, GA

"My dad learned so much"

DaisyMy dad learned so much from this book.  He always took me everywhere before, but now I have the "right" things I need to go with him.  He even got me my own doggie seat belt. 

                    Daisy,  (parent : Brad Mathis)
                    Macon, GA

Let me tell you.  These simple tips work.  I have travelled all over the country - not only with one dog at a time - but with up to three dogs at a time.  Imagine showing up at the Four Seasons with three German Shepherds and not only "not being shown the way out," but being greeted with "open arms and hugs for your dog."

This can be you.  Follow the simple steps in the book and you will have many happy "tails" from the road.  I guarantee it.

Thanks for reading and happy travelling.  By the way here's my guarantee you'll totally love this book:

90-Day Unconditional Guarantee

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  • I will no longer feel guilty about leaving my dog at home.
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Health and happiness to you and your dog,

Margaret Svete

P.S.  "How To Travel With Your Dog!" is unlike any other dog book out there. These are tried and proven methods that have made my dogs and me "road warriors."

P.P.S.  I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your travels with your dog. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. My dogs and I would really love to hear your story!