Useful Info That Will Help You To Make Your Pet Happy

Do you wish your pets were happy? So do as follows.
Try to teach a dog to swim. Many breeds love water and love to swim together with their masters, bringing great pleasure to themselves and others.

Teach your dog to search a toy. Make the dog sit, show him the favorite ball, and then stuff it under his pillow and command “Search!”. Stroke and treat him with a piece of delicacy, when the dog would get a toy and give it to you. It’s simple!

Do not feed your dog with scraps from the table. Think if you are pleased when the dog licks the remnants of sauce with your dish? Now think that the abundance of “human” food in the diet of dog leads to a huge number of animal health problems, including obesity, intestinal disorders, breathing difficulties and hyperactivity. Would you think all this have made a dog happier?

Make pictures with your dog. Many dogs love this process! What is the benefit? What about your memories? And the opportunity to show friends what you have a wonderful and beautiful dog like?

Talk to the dog. While living with us, the dog begins to consider itself as a man and struggles to understand us. So let you talk! Sit next to the dog and just talk to it. You will see how it has bowed its head and is carefully listening to you. Who knows, maybe they know more than we think…

Keep the dog far from overheating. In the hot summer months, study with it in the cool times of the day ? in early morning and late evening. If the dog is outside in the afternoon, give a small shed to it, where it can hide from the heat and the scorching sun.

Do not neglect preventive check-ups at the vet visits. Even if your dog does not feel much pleasure from the visits to the doctor, remember that any disease is best treated at an earlier stage, but the doctor can see the symptoms that you just will not attach any importance.

Brush your dog’s teeth. Regular oral care will prevent the emergence of tartar, bad odor and tooth loss. And, of course, it will ultimately prolong the life of the dog.

Remember to wash your dog. This is necessary, even if your dog has a different view on this. Be careful and calm and make this process as much pleasant as it is possible for the animal. Use washing shampoo, suitable for the type of wool is your dog with.

Do not give sweets to the dog. Have you heard that chocolate is poison to dogs? So it true. And please, keep candy out of the dog reach place.

Teach a dog with new commands. It is easy to make it rotate or play dead. Show her that you like what it does, and the dog will be happy to show new tricks again and again!

Be affectionate with the dog. Do not hit and do not punish it, do not put the choke chain. Remember that everyone has the right to make mistakes, and the dog also has, why not? It is possible to explain the difference between “good” and “bad” without the shock, believe me.

Giving a dog to somebody during the time of departure, do not forget to give its litter. Feeling the familiar smell, it will be easier to spend the parting with the owner and percept a new place as a home.

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