Want Raleigh Dog Training?

Do you need Raleigh dog training? Live in the Raleigh area and having troubles with your puppy? Tired of using the excuse ‘Oh he/she is just a puppy’? You don’t have to suffer with problems that often get worse instead of better with age. So what Raleigh dog training options are available to you? You could certainly try one of the various group class training companies around.

They can in some cases help with leash based training, and socializing your dog with other people, dogs, and locations. These are all very good things to have, but aren’t as serious as the things your dog does daily in your home. Behaviors such as housebreaking, jumping, playbiting, chewing, digging, running away, stealing food, mounting and many others simply aren’t covered in a group environment. There is also the lack of one on one attention in a group class. Another option would be to send your dog to one of the ‘board and train’ facilities.

These definitely take most of the work off of your hands, but often do not leave you with the practice in enforcing the commands and training that the trainer did. This inevitably leads to your dog realizing your not really the leader, and does what he/she wants to. Sure there are also books and videos out there that can help out, but its hard to learn without someone giving you feedback. Books and dvds can NEVER give feedback to you. The best raleigh dog training choice available would be an in-home dog training company. A company like Dog Training In Your Home can help solve your puppy or dog’s problems behaviors and can help to teach you whatever you need to get your dog to where you want them to be. Whether that is limited to stopping playbiting and peeing and pooping in the house, or if it extends to having some basic or even advanced obedience.

Maybe you think it would be cool to have your dog get your guest a soda or beer out of the fridge? Or do you want your dog to help defend and protect your family in case of emergency? Whatever you want, Dog Training In Your Home is the best Raleigh dog training choice you have! Please feel free to call us at (919)872-2221 to setup a free in-home evaluation to come out and train your dog and teach you and your family. We employ a multi-method training approach that focuses on your dog and your goals. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training.

Instead, we custom fit our training styles and techniques to your dog. This allows us to get swifter results with less work. This helps you get the relief you need from these problem behaviors quickly, but to keep it going with the least amount of residual work possible. The owner of the Raleigh franchise has 10 years of experience, and was taught by the franchise founder who is approaching 30 years of experience. We can help you out with your problems. Even if other trainers have given up, we can help.

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