What Dog Breed Fits Your Lifestyle?

If you are a hands-on, sporty type person, then a dainty lap dog might not be the right choice for you. Likewise, a rambunctious, energetic hound dog is not going to be a happy pup just sitting quietly at your feet while you knit. Finding the right dog breed for your lifestyle will not only ensure your own happiness, but the dog’s as well. He will become part of your family, after all, and you want him to be the right fit.

All puppies are cute; little roly-poly creatures that fall over themselves and snuggle with you when they are tired. But, just like your babies grew up to be defiant, mouthy teens, a puppy will grow to be a poorly trained adolescent dogs if they are not dealt with properly. Although good training is necessary, it is not the only consideration. Moving a mastiff into a two-bedroom bungalow is not going to work out, for you or for the dog, and a teacup poodle may feel overwhelmed in a large, expansive mansion. Keep in mind what size your puppy your dog will grow up to be, and by pass the ones that are not realistic for your home, no matter how cute the big sweeties can be.

Consider your family make up and lifestyle before you start looking at pets. If you have a newborn child, it might not be the best time to consider getting a new puppy- you are busy enough and might not have the right amount of time to properly train your four-legged addition. An improperly trained puppy may turn into a poorly behaved, bigger dog, so wait until you have more time to devote to him and the energy to keep up with it. The fallacy that the dog and baby should grow up together is a very dangerous one to buy into. Do you want a gentle dog that is sturdy enough to be handled by inquisitive little hands without knocking your toddler down? Consider a pug, one of the gentlest and most forgiving of the dog breeds. But, for safety sake, never trust the loving nature of any dog over your own vigilance.

Need a jogging or walking partner? Consider an upbeat, energetic breed like the small, Jack Russell terrier or the larger labs. Want a cuddle buddy instead? Then a sweet natured, compact Scotty is a good choice for the small dog lover and the golden retriever is the star standard for those who prefer the big dogs to love. (Goldens are also great all around for being gentle with children, and walking partners. As long as you call them sweetie pie or big wuvvie, a golden will do just about anything you ask.) Choose wisely, a dog will be part of your family for a very long time and a part of your heart for even longer.

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