What Food To Feed Your Dog With – Cooked Or Raw?

To maintain healthy and normal life of a German shepherd it should eat regularly. Food provides the body of the animal with nutrients, trace elements, mineral salts, vitamins, and to some extent with water.

German shepherd?s need of certain nutrients varies. This is due to different factors: age of the animal, its physiological state, season and place of residence. For example, an adult German shepherd requires a protein in order to produce protective antibodies, haemoglobin, hormones and enzymes to restore tissue cells. German Shepherd puppies, as well as lactating dogs need more protein. This is explained by the fact that a growing body requires a lot of “building blocks”, and the dog, feeding pups through the milk should ensure that their offspring all the necessary micronutrients.
When preparing food for the German Shepherd should strive to loss of vitamins and other nutrients within the foods were minimal, and the food was very appetizing and the most digestible.

When asked what food to feed the dogs with, (cooked or raw) can not be answered unequivocally. It depends on several factors and is usually solved by a veterinarian. Of course, many raw foods are much richer in vitamins than cooked food. However, the proposed ration feeding German shepherd provides cooking.

Foods dogs should always be warm, and utensils, from which the pet eats – unbreakable (for example, aluminium or enamelled). The inner surface of the bowl must be perfectly smooth. Otherwise the dog might damage the language, when it begins to lick it clean. Once the dog ate, the bowl should always be washed.
You should feed an adult German shepherd Dog only in one way – two times a day, depending on its appetite. However, the number of food beyond the daily diet should not go. German shepherd puppies are fed five – six times a day. If the puppy does not eat his portion, food is removed in the refrigerator. When the time comes next feeding, food should be reheated to a warm state, and only offer her a puppy. If a puppy eats posited portion and requests more, the amount of food can be increased. This follows from the individual characteristics of the growing organism.

For the normal life, a German shepherd should consume water. Daily demand of the dog depends on several factors: age, food, work performed, seasons and places of residence. The average puppy consumes daily 100 ml per 1 kg of their body, and an adult dog – 50 ml. Lack of or insufficient amount of water is taken with the dog very seriously. The demand for quality water for the dog is the same as drinking water for humans: it must be clean. Do not let your pet drink from puddles, swamps, small standing water because the water may contain disease-causing microbes. If you are going in the same campaign, you need to stock up on drinking water not only for yourselves but for the dog.

The dog can drink raw water at home, but not very cold. The water in the bowl should be changed twice a day. These above-described important principles should be always kept in mind, if you want your pet be healthy and energetic. Otherwise, monotonous, dry, devoid of the vital elements of the food can lead your dog to tragic consequences (illness and death).

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