What Is The Trend With Pet Clothing?

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A pet dog or a pet cat is considered a family member. Also, a pet dog is a source of companionship to many people, who live alone. Pet Clothing is therefore considered a necessity for most pets, as pet owners consider coats, sweaters and shoes imperative for cold weather. But fashion has taken the first place now, and there are boutiques and shops selling pet clothing keeping in mind the latest trends in the market.

The dog is the popular pet and pet lovers like to shop for expensive and exclusive dog clothes, jewelry, dresses and accessories. The pet is today pampered by the whole family and they enjoy dressing it up, not only to keep it warm and comfortable, but also to have some fun. Shopping for the new canine relative has been on the rise in America, and the trend is increasing.

The designer pet fashion industry has become a lifestyle for today’s pets. The quality of the clothing and the merchandise offered is of the highest quality, because the prices are high too. There is a large variety of clothing available, and you can browse through several sites on the net to find something suitable and comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Machine-knitted and hand-crocheted sweaters are the new trend with pet clothing. The material is acrylic and keeps the pet warm in winter and gives a fashionable look. There is attractive clothing for dogs like dog booties, stylish bandanas, doggie tee shirts which are easily available. In any case the clothing should not be heavy and the pet should enjoy it.

When any clothing is ordered in any pet clothes shop, it is generally customized. So the clothing has to be made to fit your pet, taking into account its weight, height and length. There are no standard sizes because pets belonging to the same breed may differ. On the other hand, the same pet clothing can fit pets of different breeds which have the same weight.

For the small dog breeds like the Chihuahuas, terriers, dachshunds and poodles the demand nowadays is for vests, raincoats, loungewear, tops and jackets. But some like to dress their dog in formal wear or lounge wear. There are long lists of suppliers who specialize in making clothes for tiny dogs, and there are others who can turn out the most fashionable clothes for big dogs. So, no matter whatever the size, the latest fashion will always be available for your pet.

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