What To Consider When Buying A Dog Kennel And Run

Dogs are known for their playfulness, even most grown dogs love to play and fetch Frisbees and act like they are puppies again sometimes. Actually, some dogs are so exuberant that it disturbs their owners or others who live in the same house as they do. This can especially be a problem when an over-active dog gets into things in the home that they shouldn’t such as the refridgerator and cupboards and it can be very tiresome to always have to chase your dog around the house trying to get him to behave.

There is an explanation why dogs pull on their leashes, get into things they shouldn’t, bark incessantly, dig holes in the backyard and display other undesirable behaviour. It is often because they are bored and have nothing to do, and don’t get enough exercise.

When things are this serious it is time to start some definite dog lessons. Something else you might want to do, that can at least help until your dog is more under control, is to invest in a dog run or an outdoor dog kennel and cage. If you can put your dog outside and give him a chance for exercise along a wire run or in a dog pen, where he can’t get into all of your household items, it will simplify your life. He can get rid of all that pent up energy he has, without spoiling everything in your home at the same time.

If you are going to buy a dog kennel there are some things to consider before going ahead with it. It is important that the dog house you look into is right for both your pup and you, and that it will do what you think it will. For example, you would most likely choose a different type of kennel or dog house for placing outside than you would choose for inside. You also need to determine how much time you intend your dog to spend in the kennel. Is it just a place to pop him in while you need to go out quickly, or get your housework done? Or will he be spending the day in the pen while you are at work? All of these things need to be decided on before you make your purchase.

You also should make sure that the size of the dog kennel and run you get is large enough for your pup. This is extremely important if your dog is still a pup as he will grow. So make sure that you buy a kennel big enough for a full grown dog. An adequate sized dog pen should be tall enough for the dog to stand without his head going lower than his shoulders. He should also be able to move around in a circle and lie down comfortably.

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