Why Do Dogs Run Away ? How To Stop It

Dogs are the old time scavengers and like to walk and travel about miles in their environments. Though gathering this need is not possible in these days?s world but they still inherited a part of this desire. This is one basis why your dog every time charges the entrance in order to get away! He does not want to go out because he is not comfortable at your house but because he is interested and want to know and widen his field outside the house also!

The fundamental reasons that could trigger the dog to escape are:

1. He may perhaps be lost his old locations and wishes to go back. When a dog is bring to a new house, whether from the breeder?s place or you move to a new house, the dog misses his old dwelling area and wants to go back.

2. He could be receiving some kind of magnetism like food or treats at other place and thus wants to visit there.

3. If the guy dog is on heat, he will try to break out to get a smell of a female dog. Vice versa, a girl dog will try to get away in seek of her mating partner. It is their drive to reproduce that forces them to move out.

4. When the dog gets nothing to do, he attempts to dig away his way out from the home so as to use his power.

5. Much dogs having that ?predator? character run out of the house just to chase a squirrel, cat or another dog.

6. much dogs run out of panic. Like for instance the dogs get simply anxious of a strong thunder storm and if get a chance to getaway they will run and run till the point they think harmless and secured.

The afraidof dog though is natural but may perhaps be dangerous for them. Many dogs after escaping from the home are able to find their way back house but many of them get lost. In such situation, they become level to accidents, hunger, getting deceased after coming in make contact with with the other stray dogs and many unnecessary troubles.

The running away of dogs could be reduced if not entirely stopped!

1. For all new puppies and the dogs lost their past surroundings, give them a comfort by your company. Make their resting place warm, dry and comfortable. Keep them near to you for initial few days till the time they settled down in their new locations.

2. The male dogs should definitely get neutered. This reduces their chances of running out of the home in search of girl dogs by almost 90%.

3. if you want your female dog not to be bothered and attracted by the stray male dogs, always drive her in your car for the walks in a park few kilometres away from your house. This will not give her scent to the stray dogs.

4. Avoidance is all the time better than heal. If you are the owner of big dogs, make sure to have strong and high fences all round your home.

5. Make sure the location where the dog spends most of his time, the yard or any space or crate is well equipped with all his necessary necessities like food, water and shelter.

6. If the dog runs when it get Afraid then try to find out what is troubling him. Keep him close to you at moments such as thunder and lightening. Many times the huge noises like that of fire works also create problems for the dog. Help him to come out of his fears.

7. There are also available a number of anxiety treating medicines, but they should be given only under a vet?s supervision.
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